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Energy Sessions
In energy sessions Michelle follows the guidance of  your spiritual team as well as her own. She works with you on anything from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual matters. These can include helping with transitions, healing past lives, clearing Chakras, spiritual tune ups and clearing energy fields.


The energy exchange is $135 for 60mins and $190 for 90 mins

Spiritual Readings

By connecting with your spiritual team, Michelle can guide you through your journey. She is able to channel information you need to lead the life that you desire and deserve. Michelle is also a Medium and is able to connect with Loved Ones that have passed on. She uses both of these tools to help guide people through transitions.

     Michelle is a gentle reader who tells you the things you need to know in a way you are able to receive them. She gives you the tools to actually walk into the future at your highest potential.


The energy exchange is $135 for 60 mins and $190 for 90 mins






House/Land Clearings

Many people don't realize how negative energy affects us when it is stuck in our houses and/or on the land. Michelle is able to cross spirits over and bless the space so it holds love, peace and abundance. Along with this, she works with the Earth grids to hold this higher vibrational energy.


The energy exchange starts at $199. Added expenses may be applied depending on size and location.




House Blessings

    Moving into a new house or office and you want the energy to feel like yours? How about bring in new energy for abundance and peace in your space? These are some of the things a blessing can bring to you. With a clearing, I always give a blessing but sometimes your space doesn't need a whole clearing. In this case a blessing is good because I come in and shift the energy by raising the vibration.


The energy exchange is $110 and including a blessing kit



Michelle has opened my eyes to a world of endless opportunity and love. Since I have been seeing her I have never felt better.... physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm grateful I found her!


Michelle is an accurate Intuitive with wonderful skills to help with self healing. She has a heart of gold.”


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