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Healing Through Writing

Let me kick this blog off with I DON'T LIKE TO WRITE! Honestly!! Wow, I feel better getting that off my chest. Writing has been something that I have struggled with my whole life. (I could give you all of my excuses but we don't have enough time.) Then I started getting psychic readings and they all said that I will be writing books in the future. I know that the future isn't set in stone but I had a strong feeling that they were right even if every bone in my body wanted to fight back. Sitting in front of these amazing readers, trying not to laugh in their faces, I was thinking how can this be right? I mean, I can't even spell great!

After years of battling against Destiny. I tried the writing techniques that I have channeled for clients. I tried writing in a journal, which I failed at. (Hey, I'm not a fear to fail!) It's now 2018, the year I declared the "Just Do It" year. The year that I decided that I'm done with the struggle and having fear run my life. I didn't realized that it meant that I had to start writing! Ugh! I love the Universe for bring my fears to me to clear. For, this past Christmas, I received gifts that had to deal with writing. (Message received!!!) I couldn't go back on my promise for myself and sweep this under the rug. Instead, I seeks some support and advise from some of my writer friends. I asked them how to start writing a book, that this is overwhelming for me to even think about and they were wonderful. They allowed me to start breathing again and made writing feel possible for me. This was the kick off to my writing journey.

To continue my journey, I seat in meditation and pulled out my tools. By showing me my pass, I was reminded that I already started clearing these fears that held me back. I was brought into my heart where I felt the safety and the knowing that nothing can happen to me in this lifetime when I share my written words. My writing and burning ceremonies were popping up, showing me the healing that happened when preforming these.

Now it's time to completely heal through my writing. I'm excited and nervous to truly begin this enlighten journey. At the same time, I am grateful that I don't have to do it alone. I have a wonderful support group and a supporting community that will raise me up with inspiration. I surround myself with women who are strong and inspirational because that is where I am heading. I am reading empowering books by women because that is where my writing is heading.

One more great ability that is coming from writing is being aware of my words. Instead of using trying or wanting, I write doing or is. What a great start and I am thankful to all of you who took time to read this.

I want to leave you with one question. What fear are you ready to let go of? Join me on this wonderful journey of letting go and creating abundance! I would love to support you with it!

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